Short Fiction

You can find a bunch of my short fiction here.

The Lie of Democracy – the illusion that you have any control, or even choice. There are bigger powers that will always get the better of you.

Life, etc Not happy with the title, but nevermind…

The Magic of the Sea – can a moment from the past be witnessed?

An Element of Hope I did indeed stay in France and these locations are all real. Nothing else is.

There Be Dragons This was a deliberate attempt to write some weird fiction.

The Gift This one is quite old, but I’ve always liked it.

Moments in Time From 1998, one of my first short stories. Probably rubbish.

On the nature of loneliness This one needs a lot of work, I think.

Tears in the rain. Another poor title. Not very good at titles. This was an experiment in style.

All the way down Set in a library.

Space opera. A satire.

The Magic of the Sea. Something a bit personal.


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