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Independent of mind and independent of soul. Geek. Ex-public library manager. Library services manager. I usually write about older books, either significantly historic science fiction, or favourites and classics, especially if they are – in my opinion – undervalued. I’m heavily influenced, personally, by Brave New World (1932). I occasionally review new books, especially if they are particularly unusual or otherwise noteworthy. I’m fascinated by words and language and I’m constantly looking out for something that genuinely surprises me.

Film fan: horror, science fiction, comic book, noir, independent. Book fan: anything that can’t happen to me (esp. genre-defying, urban/modern fantasy, science fiction, vampire/zombie horror, magic realism). Comic fan: Sandman, Y:The Last Man, Hellblazer, Moore, Whedon, Hellboy, Civil War, Planetary, Image. TV fan: Buffy, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Jessica Jones.

Love food, wine and whiskey.

Freelance writer who is always thinking about maybe having a go at writing a novel. In my head at least. And my note pad, I suppose. Before the internet thing happened I wrote articles and reviews for the BSFA magazines, as well as book reviews for The Third Alternative. You can also see me over at Geek Syndicate and Book Geeks. I occasionally blog for Hodderscape. I write short stories for fun and for catharsis. All my writings for these folks and others can be found here: Some stuff I’ve wrote for other people elsewhere

I am available for freelance writing and commissions. Please get in touch if you have any requests.

Everything on my blogs and all my fiction is © Ian J Simpson. Other websites have their own terms and conditions.

Follow me @ianjsimpson

I also take photos


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