An occasional series of favourite re-reads, or I’m so busy, I’m dropping fiction writing, so why the hell am I doing this?


Come September 2014, my life will change. I’m taking on a new post-grad qualification. I’ve made a decision to stop thinking about writing fiction. Possibly for good. But I enjoy writing and as I love books, I can’t give up reviewing and blogging. Indeed.

Inspired by a couple of recent Twitter conversations, one with Andy Miller and another with Michael Marshall Smith I plan another series of semi-regular blogs within this feed. So as well as general reviews and my History of Science Fiction Literature Challenge, my new series is simply favourite re-reads. Because there’s clearly not enough out there to read – new books that just. Keep. Coming. And old ones I’ve not caught up with yet – I’m going to re-read some of my old favourites. Not just a review, but inspired by Mr Miller’s The Year of Reading Dangerously, but an experience.Mostly Harmless

So, first up, and reading soon is Douglas Adam’s Mostly Harmless, followed by Michael Marshall Smith’s Only Forward. Then, who knows, but I’m thinking perhaps:

Princess Bride by William Goldman

The Antipope by Robert Rankin

Ammonite by Nicola Griffin

Lethe by Tricia Sullivan

The End of My Y by Scarlett Thomas

And after that, who knows…


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