The totally honest and pointless adventures of an NaNoWriMo effort: Day 27

Day 27: 20 November

Had a good few days, but not as good as I’d hoped. I managed about 8,000 words in 3 days, when I wasn’t at work. I did other stuff too, such as

CC BY 2.0 by Bilal Kam
CC BY 2.0 by Bilal Kam

finished a blog post I was working on and worked a photography project I’ve embarked on.

So, I’ve done 15,800 words in the 20 days of November. Based on the time I think that I have available, I’m predicting no more than 20,000 words in total. I know the story won’t be finished, but I’m going to keep bashing away for the rest of the month. The problem I’m finding is planning. In other words, the complete lack of planning. I’m pretty much making it up as I go, with no notes or plot planning. Which is the problem with this project. You just need to rattle it out. On Sunday, I managed 2,166 words. If I was really writing a novel I would have spent the day making notes and working out where it was going next. But no time. So, in less than 10 days time (I’m going away on 29th Nov) I’ll have an unfinished novel.

So these are the options.

  • Actually stop now and concentrate my energies elsewhere, especially my Monsters project.
  • Keep going beyond that date as it is.
  • Keep going up to that date. Stop. Make plans and plots and proper notes and then re-write.
  • Keep going up to that date. Stop. And back to Monsters.

Not sure, not sure.

I think was this excercise has shown me is that I can write and I can do a decent word count per day if I put my mind to it. It also shows that I can’t concentrate on fiction after a days work.


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