The totally honest and pointless adventures of an NaNoWriMo effort: Day 16

Day 16: 9 November 2013

You know the problem with this NaNoWriMo malarky. It’s actually counter-productive to sign up and try to do. Why? Because life gets in the way. Things happen. You go to the cinema. You work later. Your wife has a shitty day so you take her down the pub. You’re tired and you can’t concentrate because you’ve worked a full week and you haven’t slept well.


So you feel guilty for not writing. Which  can’t  be good for writing.

The other thing is editing. No time for editing.

I dread to think what my spelling and grammar will be like when I go back to read it.

All that said, I’ve had a decent couple of days. Didn’t write for as long as I’d planned, but now topped 7,800 words. (I know I could be writing now, instead of doing this but a. I need to ponder the next scene and  b. I’m about to cook dinner and can’t get too distracted.)

What I’m finding is that characters and narrative are almost writing themselves.

For example, my protagonist saw something going down an alley. In the grand scheme, the idea is that old trope of is it him going mad, or is the world really insane. After a bit of research (and there’s not much time for that, either, I can tell you), I came up with an idea for a potential red-herring that I’d never even thought about, based on the name of this particular alley (its set in a real place, this epic of mine).

Also finding out more about the characters’ pasts, although I won’t have time/words to explore them much. Also, because I’m not making many notes, I’m having to keep going back to check things. Maybe I’ll spend some time tomorrow making notes instead of writing. Plus I’ve some reviews to sort out and then work, and then comic club and  there’s always something.

Life, eh?


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