The totally honest and pointless adventures of an NaNoWriMo effort: Day 10

Day 10: 3 November 2013

I worked out what I was doing today. Not in terms of the plot or anything, but why I’d actually signed up for this. Its not to tell the story I want to tell or write the book I want to write. It is simply to get a story finished. Doesn’t matter if its any good. I hope it is of course, but not bothered. I just want to get it done, so I can say its done and hopefully learn from it.

Stephen-King-on-WritingWhat I need to do more than anything is to understand the process. I’ve read several books on how to write, and how to write a novel. Amongst them have been Stephen King’s On Writing, so my novel will be peppered with ‘he said’ and ‘she said’. I’ve also managed to write a number of short stories of varying quality. However, I’ve started 4 novels in my time, and a novella, and not finished any of them. Mostly due to self-doubt and a realisation that they were probably rubbish. Indeed, I had a chapter of one evaluated and I was told that while my characterisation was fine, the plot was dull. So, it is important to me that I finish my story, regardless of anything else. It might take me all of November, or it might take me a year. I have other writings I need to do in the meantime, reviews, blogs, etc. So I don’t hold much hope. I’m not putting pressure on myself. I’m just doing what I can, when I can.


I really struggled yesterday. I was in a bad mood for a number of unrelated reasons and although I had time in the afternoon, I couldn’t be bothered. I wrote for 2 sessions, both about 45 minutes. Today was even worse. I was in a better mood and had more time, but I wrote even less. However, I now have almost 3,000 words down.

Problem is – and the reason I’m writing this rather than the novel – is that I’m stuck. There needs to be a transition scene from the opening moments to an event, and I can’t figure it out. So I need to sleep on it and ponder while walking to work in the morning.


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