The totally honest and pointless adventures of an NaNoWriMo effort: Day 5

Day 5: 29 October 2013

I walk to work through a beautiful part of the city, including a small gardens alongside a river  and then I pass some ancient buildings. I also see a lot of people.

CC Some rights reserved by ZEISS Microscopy
CC Some rights reserved by ZEISS Microscopy

I’ve been pondering the characters which will populate my novel. I saw a chap who reminded me of an old friend who has a Chinese girlfriend, so I decided to have a couple of Asian characters, not necessarily Chinese. But then I got to work and the thinking had to stop for a while.

You know why these ponders come about? When you think about stuff, information is passed around your brain via its neurons. To achieve this, they copy the information from the neighbouring neuron. Of course, like Chinese Whispers, there are copying errors. Which is why you start about thinking of one thing and end up somewhere completely else.

Lunchtime came around and I came up with a bunch of characters to populate my novel, but no names. I find names hard. I usually end up Googling lists of baby names and picking random ones.

Walking again, after work, and it was time to consider a plot point. I want a reading group to all find something objectionable or agreeable within a book, and the protagonist to secretly disagree. So I considered various causes or ideas. Ideally, I’d like the protagonist to have a different opinion to my personal one, so I can investigate and debate. I couldn’t think of something suitable, and only got a couple of days to figure it out. I did come up with the protagonists name, based on a line of thought which went nowhere. He’s called Luke Wood. Another character is called Lynn. Using my Googling method, I’ve also got a Kareena and and a Kim. More to fill in later.

So its all about inspiration for the next couple of days. I’ll do some more walking and thinking. I seem to come up with stuff when walking…Need to figure about my cause to support or oppose. Or maybe I’ll just start writing and wing it. Whatever, feeling positive.



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